Non-Government Organizations

IBON Foundation is a non-stock non-profit development organization. We have been serving the Filipino people through research and education since 1978.

An independent, nonprofit media agency that specializes in investigative reporting of political, social, and related issues surrounding the Filipinos. 

ChildHope Asia

An international, non-sectarian organization advocating for the cause of street children throughout the world. 

A non-profit Christian ministry working to help build responsible and self-reliant communities by enabling Filipino families in need to acquire affordable, decent, and durable homes. 

The PRC provides six major services: Blood Services, Disaster Management Services, Safety Services, Community Health and Nursing Services, Social Services and the Volunteer Services.

Haribon Foundation                 Protecting Nature.Protecting Life. Committed to nature conservation through community empowerment, and scientific excellence. 

Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands                             Engaged in advocacy works supportive of wetland conservation. 

A volunteer-based organization working towards protection of animals from cruelty through education, sheltering and advocacy.